• Japanese Sword Hunting

    Searching for a particular sword from Japan?

    Let us help you find the ideal match. With our connections and expertise, we're confident in locating a sword that meets your specific requirements.

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  • Shinsakuto

    Interested in acquiring a custom Shinsakuto crafted by a Japanese Swordsmith?

    Reach out with your specifications and budget, and we'll connect you with the ideal match. Plus, we handle all translations flawlessly in Japanese, ensuring you're free from any linguistic concerns.

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  • Japanese Sword Restoration

    Looking for sword Restoration ?

    For all your traditional Japanese sword requirements—be it polishing, shirasaya, koshirae, habaki, tsukamaki, lacquering, blade, fittings, we have ties with traditionally trained craftsmen in Japan equipped to fulfill them.

    Our network encompasses Living National Treasures, Master Craftsmen, award-winning artisans, and services related to Iai-shinken as well.

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  • Custom Koshirae

    Want a Custom Koshirae for your sword ?

    Thanks to our relations in Japan we can find the perfect craftman to design and make a Koshirae according to your needs, it also involve in matching the Koshirae with antique tsuba, fuchi-kashira and menuki if you wish.

    • Price starts at $2000
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