Sell your Japanese Sword

If you are looking to sell your Japanese sword, we can help you.

We know how hard it is to estimate a Nihonto and sell it, that's why we are willing to help you as Nihonto enthusiasts ourselves.

These are pieces of art and making an estimate is very complex, the price depends on several factors such as the mei, the date, the smith, the condition and many other factors.

The price also depends largely on the price at which the buyer is willing to acquire it, when we talk about art, there is really no objective price.

How does it work ?


  1. Send us pictures and videos of your sword (from all sides)
  2. Give us a detailed description (date, swordsmith, state, history...)
  3. A proof that you own the sword (your name and the price written on a paper for example)
  4. Desired selling price


  1. We consider your request and give you an answer under 48 hours
  2. If you agree to publish your item we will list it to allow people buying it.
  3. When the order is placed, we will pay you the amount minus our consignment fee (20%). You can advise this to set your price.

If you own a Nihonto you can contact us at :

Note : we will not sell your item at a price way over market, we want to stay honest with our customers. We might also require you to ship the item to us for better examination