Our story

In the heart of tradition and modernity, amidst whispers of an ageless heritage, our tale unfurls. It's a story spun with folds of the finest steel and the craft of master swordsmiths. It's the story of our brand, a name that has now been gracing the realm of the katana for two splendid years before starting this project.

The founder embarked on a journey to the Far East in January 2023, a journey to the land where the spirit of the samurai lives on, to Japan. A vision compelled this pilgrimage, a dream to bridge the divide between time-tested tradition and cutting-edge innovation. The goal? To share the finest, authentic Japanese swords with the world.

Venturing through the snow-draped landscapes of winter and into the blossoming serenity of spring, our founder spent those initial months of 2023 forging connections with esteemed artisans and reputed forges. It was a time of learning, understanding, and shared passion, steeped in respect for an art form that dates back centuries.

Each antique sword we offer is a time capsule, a piece of history expertly crafted by the hands of past masters. These sabers whisper tales of valor, honor, and discipline. Every dent, scratch, and fold is a story - an echo of battles fought and victories won, preserved for the generations to come.

Our modern swords, on the other hand, embody a synthesis of heritage and innovation. They are custom-made by reputed Japanese forgers who have inherited the secrets of their ancestors but are not afraid to break boundaries. Their hands, imbued with a legacy of craftsmanship, shape raw steel into works of functional art, each unique and tailor-made to its wielder.

In every blade we offer, tradition meets innovation. The past coalesces with the present, echoing the rhythm of the forge, the hammer's strike, the precise fold, and the masterful quench.

At the core of our brand is not merely the act of selling swords; it's about preserving and perpetuating a time-honored culture, sharing stories etched in steel, and ultimately bringing a piece of Japanese soul into the grasp of those who truly value the essence of the Nihonto.

As we continue to navigate our journey, we are honored to invite you to become part of our story, to hold in your hands a piece of history, an embodiment of the samurai spirit. Experience the power, the beauty, and the soul of authentic Japanese swords, from our hands to yours.

Welcome to our legacy.